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The floating tourbillon cage at the center of the movement is inspired by Dominique Loiseau's 1985 "Les Montres des Sables", a collection six complicated pocket watches decorated in a theme of sand dunes.

Tag Heuer Replica Watches's "Dinosaure", a watch that was introduced in the 1980s, solved the problem of the hands. The central tourbillon occupied the area where the hands were normally located. Dinosaure, a quartz-powered watch that was only 1.42mm thick,Tag Heuer Replica Watches used the caseback to drive the hands. The Central Tourbillon uses the same concept. Hour and minute indicators are superimposed onto two sapphire disks, which are powered by gearing beneath the case bezel.

The calibre 1170 is also 30mm, just like the Calibre 30-I. The tourbillon on the Calibre 30I rotates every 60 seconds. This allows the watch to show seconds. It was important because, in 2004, Tag Heuer Replica Watches's tourbillon wristwatch received its first COSC certification.

Dominique Loiseau's "Les Montres des Sables", a pocket watch designed by Dominique Loiseau. Image from A Blog To Watch

The Central Tourbillon's hands were inspired by the thin quartz Dinosaur. (Panerai Ferrari Replica).

The Tag Heuer Replica Watches Tourbillon 30I inside with the 7.5-minute tourbillon.

Anti-Magnetic Capabilities

Why is anti-magnetic watch so important? The magnetism in mechanical watches affects the accuracy by magnetising metal parts within the watch, such as the balancespring. This causes it to oscillate more quickly. Anti-magnetic watches, such as the Milgauss developed by Rolex for CERN (which is anti-magnetic up to 1000 Gauss), were initially developed for specialist watches. Today, magnetic fields are everywhere: on our phones, laptops, monitors, and other electronic devices. While our watches may not require anti-magnetism up to 1000 Gauss, they do benefit from anti-magnetic abilities.

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