Varadero, Cuba (dec - jan 2000/2001)


our hotel

Sol Club Coral ****
view from room no.1220

Hotel Havanna Libre, view from our room

some water action up on the river "Camarioca" with captain Skoglund on the steering wheel
.. after so much action..
some sleep in the sun
have a drink..
made of sugar cane juice
lobster dinner at the Italian restaurant in our hotel
"downtown" Varadero with a state-of-the art car
the biggest Cuban bridge at Boca de Jaruco

some more action on the tennis court..
old black girl at a cigar factory in Pinar del Rio

(monthly salary: USD 9 , NINE bucks!) 

cigar factory in Pinar del Rio: glueing the tobacco leaves until you have a cigar
Jeep Safari around Varadero
beautiful landscape in the area of Vinales
the tower and terminal building at Varadero International airport (MUVR)